Advanced Customer Tagging


Uncover your customers’ buying preferences with sophisticated behavioral tracking & targeting.

Gather richer quality data quicker and use these insights to create highly personalized shopping experiences and marketing communications.


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Build a live picture of a shopper’s preferences

Track preferences and target shoppers at an individual level. E.g., not only will you know that a customer likes flare jeans, but also that she prefers white tops, shoes from a certain brand, and so on.  


Reveal cross-brand loyalty 

Help the shopper discover other brands by leveraging cross-brand loyalty, where a group of customers who usually buy brand X also show loyalty to brand Y.



Identify emerging trends 

Quickly adapt content to give it greater prominence and/or create new promotions if statistically significant volumes of shoppers are attracted to a particular color, brand or style on the website.

How it works

Advanced Customer Tagging is a unique Fresh Relevance personalization feature that allows sophisticated behavioral targeting. 

It automatically tags products in your online product portfolio by criteria including color, style and brand. When a shopper browses, carts or purchases products, the tags from those items are linked with that shopper.

Because the data tracking is live, if the shopper displays a change in preference, such as switching from always buying skinny jeans to flares, the data will automatically update. 


As a result, you can deliver highly personalized targeting of products to your customers, both on the website and in marketing emails, based on their purchasing and browsing behavior.


Advanced Customer Tagging is available as part of our Behavioral Targeting Module.


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